Civil Litigation


You have the right to seek legal help if you are involved in a dispute or if you have been hurt financially or otherwise. While there are a variety of legal options for resolving conflicts, most individuals strive for a swift and favorable outcome. In any civil litigation matter, you need an experienced attorney who will take the time to understand your circumstances and then devise a strategy that works best for you.

  • Assessment If you are a plaintiff in a matter, we will first examine if there is sufficient evidence to bring a lawsuit. If you are a defendant, we evaluate all available evidence and devise effective defense strategy. Counterclaims may be useful in some situations, which is why we investigate this possibility as well.
  • Pleadings. We must file various petitions and motions in court on your behalf, whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant. We may also submit other pretrial motions, depending on the facts of your case. These could include relocating the trial or discarding certain evidence. In some circumstances, pleadings are used to reach a decision. This eliminates the need for you to appear in court.
  • Discovery. We conduct thorough investigations throughout this time. These may involve taking depositions, reviewing all pertinent records, and soliciting expert witness opinions.
  • Pre-trial. This is when we put all of the information and evidence we’ve gathered together to come up with effective trial tactics. After that, both sides’ counsel meet with a judge for a pre-trial conference to present the merits of their cases. At this point, we announce the witnesses and evidence we want to present during the case’s hearings. We also look into the possibility of obtaining relief outside of the courtroom.
  • Trial. When a civil case proceeds to trial, we begin by filing preliminary motions that highlight any problems that are visible. We frequently work with specialists to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and we then develop highly persuasive arguments in response. The decision is as follows.
  • Appeal. You have the option of filing an appeal if the verdict does not meet your expectations. Managing this process necessitates following strict processes and meeting strict deadlines.

Our civil litigation attorneys have extensive experience and a proven track record of success. We try a large number of cases in front of judges, juries, and arbitrators on a regular basis. In federal and state courts, we have tried and argued civil cases of all kinds. Disputes have also been successfully resolved by our attorneys in a variety of non-judicial contexts.

Our primary goal is to achieve the greatest possible outcome with the least amount of time and expenditure. Depending on the needs of individual cases, we collaborate with industry experts, arbitrators, and mediators to reach favorable outcomes.

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