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For various reasons, a number of honest and hardworking people find themselves in financial difficulties. While bankruptcy may help some people, it is not necessary for everyone who wants to get out of debt. In many circumstances, debt relief is exactly what people require.

If you believe you would benefit from debt relief, our highly trained attorneys can offer you with the assistance you require.


If you are having trouble making monthly payments on your unsecured debt, debt relief may be a good option for you. We work to resolve your existing debts by speaking with your creditors personally after you decide to use our services. We are frequently able to obtain lump sum relief that is much less than the actual amount owed. We also negotiate better payment plans in many circumstances.


We follow a streamlined procedure to ensure that all of our clients receive the same high quality of service.

  • A trained and experienced certified debt specialist lawyer examines your current financial condition, including your income, expenses, assets, and debts.

  • We consider your current financial obligations to calculate how much you can afford to repay.

  • You may proceed with our debt relief services if you can afford to pay a significant portion of your unsecured debt

  • We let you know what fees you’ll have to pay.

  • We notify your creditors in writing that we are handling your case. You are no longer required to speak with or communicate with your creditors on your own at this time.

  • Your law office negotiates with your creditors to reach a settlement.

  • If bankruptcy appears to be a more viable option, we can connect you with a bankruptcy attorney.


Debt relief and bankruptcy are our areas of expertise. Before deciding on the best course of action, we carefully examine each circumstance. Our debt management experts concentrate on settling your debts, whether through negotiated relief or bankruptcy, depending on which option is best for you. We do not keep your money in our accounts at any time. Your money is kept in an FDIC insured special purpose bank account in your name that you have access to at all times that can be managed by you at your discretion just like any other bank account.

Use the free consultation we offer to make an informed decision if you have any reservations or questions about settling your existing unsecured debt. You are under no obligation to employ our services after the free consultation. If or once you decide to move forward, we will provide you a detailed breakdown of the fees you’ll have to pay.

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