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Disputes over real estate or real estate transactions can hamper an individual’s or a company’s ability to create new growth opportunities. People fighting tooth and nail to keep property that is rightfully theirs may be involved in real estate litigation. In such a case, having an experienced real estate attorney on your side can make all the difference.

Our trial lawyers have far more experience than is required, and we have successfully represented a wide range of clients in court and alternative dispute resolution proceedings. To understand more about how we can help you, simply request a free consultation.


In a variety of venues, we represent clients in real estate cases. Among these are federal courts, state courts, arbitral bodies, and various types of alternative dispute resolution. In the following areas, we provide the essential legal assistance:

  • Access issues are a source of contention.
  • Acquisition disagreements Disputes over boundary boundaries and surveys
  • Brokerage commissions are causing a lot of friction.
  • Conflicts between condominiums and co-ops
  • Condominium-related litigation
  • Construction-related claims
  • Construction-related litigation
  • High-stakes tenant-landlord disputes
  • Land and real estate appraisals and arbitrations
  • Historic property rights consultation
  • Disagreements over land usage
  • Property covenants and limits are a source of contention.
  • Purchase and selling disagreements
  • Real estate taxes are being reduced.
  • Restrictive covenants are a source of contention.
  • Litigation over the environment and site development
  • Water-rights litigation is a common occurrence in the United States.

Our real estate lawyers have devoted their entire professional lives to these and other key areas of law. We’re well-versed in ownership structures and deal finance. We ensure that all real estate rules and regulations are followed. We strive to be completely fair and transparent in all of our transactions.

In a range of real estate disputes, we design unique strategies and solutions to get the best possible outcomes. When appropriate, we take a holistic strategy, collaborating with experts in disciplines such as taxation, environmental law, and business restructuring. Our services can benefit you whether you’re an owner, a developer, a landlord, a tenant, a lender, a borrower, or a bondholder.

If you want to make the most of a current legal case concerning real estate while minimizing undue risk, contact one of our expert real estate attorneys. You can schedule your first free consultation right now by contacting us.

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